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2020-2021 Arkansas's All-Region and All-State Coding Competition

Posted Date: 01/08/2021

2020-2021 Arkansas's All-Region and All-State Coding Competition



Arkansas's All-Region Coding Competition Rules


This information may be amended at any time at the discretion of the Arkansas Department of Education.


Competition Times and Locations

  • Transportation to and from the regional and/or state competitions will not be provided by ADE or the hosting location.

  • Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the regional events will shift to an online / digital competition. 

  • Regional Competition 

    • will take place on Friday, February 26, 2021 

    • events will be held digitally; 

    • is scheduled for three (3) hours of actual competition time from 10:00a.m. - 1:00p.m. 

  •  State Competition

    • by invitation only on Saturday, May 1, 2021 

    • The state competition is still slated to be an in person event; however, backup plans to shift it to an online version are being prepared. Confirmed teams will receive notification of event locations and of any changes.

    • In addition to the student scholarship awards (listed below), the schools that registered/sponsored the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place teams will receive the following awards to support their computer science program:

      • 1st Place - $10,000.00

      • 2nd Place - $6,000.00

      • 3rd Place - $4,000.00


Student Eligibility

This contest is open to Arkansas public, private, and homeschooled students in grades 8-12.



The registration form, found at, is open and will close at 4:00 p.m. on Thursday, February 11, 2021. All team registrations, including homeschool teams, must be submitted by a public school principal/delegate or private school principal/delegate and will be verified by ADE staff. The principal/delegate registering a team must complete the online form fully and submit a Competition Consent Form found on the ADE competition webpage for all team members and the team sponsor(s) must be emailed to before 4:00p.m. on February 27, 2021.


If a registration form indicates that a team member may require a documented IDEA or 504 accommodation during the competition, the school principal/delegate should contact the #ARKidsCanCode / #CSforAR Team at before Thursday, February 11, 2021 to discuss any such accommodations and how to submit that information properly.


The maximum number of teams allowed to be registered per school for the regional competitions will be based on student enrollment in computer science courses* as follows:

  • 1-40 students enrolled - 1 team

  • 41-80 students enrolled - 2 teams

  • 81-120 students enrolled - 3 teams

  • 121+ students enrolled - 4 teams


The school that produced the first-place team at the state-competition in the previous year, will receive an invitation to send one team to the state competition. Students of that school may participate in their local regional event, but they will not be eligible to receive an additional invitation to the state event.


Homeschooled students will be registered as a team of the public school that is certifying their entry. All team members must have established Arkansas residency at the time of the competition. The district in which the majority of the team members live should be the registration/certifying district. If all three team members live in different districts, the team member’s district closest to the regional event should register/certify the team. Home school teams will not count against the school’s maximum. 


Team registrations must include exactly three (3) students, and a student may only be a member of one team. Public and private school students do not have to be enrolled in a baseline computer science course to be a member of the school’s certified team. On the day of the regional competition any number of team members (1, 2, or 3) may compete. Requests for changes of registered team members must go through the school principal/delegate that originally registered/certified the team. Principal/delegates requesting a change should contact for directions. All requests for team member changes and requisite information/documentation must be received by the Arkansas Department of Education, at before 4:00 p.m. on Thursday, February 11, 2021.

ADE, the hosting locations, the event sponsor, the judges, and/or the submission software company are not responsible for late, lost, incomplete, damaged, misdirected, or illegible registrations/sent documentation; lost, interrupted, or unavailable network, server, or other connections; or miscommunications, computer or software malfunctions, technical failures, garbled transmissions, damage to a user’s computer equipment (software or hardware), or other errors or malfunctions of any kind whether human, mechanical, electronic, or otherwise. Proof of sending or submission will not be deemed to be proof of receipt by ADE. Once a registration is fully submitted and verified the team sponsor/contact and certifying principal/delegate will receive a confirmation email. It is the responsibility of the principal/delegate and/or team sponsor to ensure receipt of registration information and documentation.


*School enrollment calculations/counts should be calculated, and will be verified by ADE, based on fall 2020 Cycle 2 enrollment numbers in the ADE/ARCareerEd approved high-school computer science courses named here: 


General Format

  • The competition will be divided into two sections:

    • Section 1 will be composed of up to 100 questions (in multiple choice format) that assess overall team knowledge of coding and other computer science concepts: this may include language agnostic questions about programming, computer hardware, basic networking, information security, etc... 

    • Section 2 will be composed of multiple coding challenges of varying difficulty. 

  • Each problem will have an associated point value; partial points may be awarded at the discretion of the judging panel.

  • Teams may only submit one response to each question/challenge. If more than one response is submitted, the judging panel may choose to judge any one of the selected submissions at its discretion.


All-Region Competition Packet with Questions and Challenges (2018-19) - these were the questions and challenges that teams were asked to solve during the 2018-19 All-Region Competition


All-Region Competition Packet with Questions and Challenges (2019-20) - these were the questions and challenges that teams were asked to solve during the 2019-20 All-Region Competition


Competition Rules / Guidelines

  • Any and all rules and/or rule modifications provided to team members the day of the competition must be followed. It is the responsibility of the team sponsor to ensure that all team members understand all rules. 

  • For the online/digital regional competition event teams may utilize the internet and any other digital resources at their disposal.

  • ADE, Verizon, and ARCodeKids will not provide communication and shared programming platforms for the competition. It is the responsibility of the teams and team sponsors to determine environment(s) and any hardware / software that will be utilized by team members on the competition day.

  • By 9:55 a.m. on the morning of the competition, the ADE Office of Computer Science will send an email, from, containing a Google Document link to the competition packet to all school / sponsor contacts listed within the registration (these emails will NOT be sent directly to students or parents).

  • The competition packet may contain other Google Drive based links to other materials that the team will need to access for completion of some challenges. It is the responsibility of the team members and team sponsors to ensure accessibility. 

  • It is the responsibility of the team sponsor(s) to get this information to their team members upon receipt.

  • Once the team completes the competition packet, it is their responsibility to email that packet, addressed to both and, by 1:00p.m. of the competition day. The official time of receipt will be recorded as the earliest time that the packet is received at either email address.

  • All teams participating in the regional events will be scored by the ADE Office of Computer Science and the Statewide Computer Science Specialists using a common rubric and process. This group will determine the top sixteen (16) teams to be invited to participate in the state-level event. In the event that multiple teams from any single school (not district) are in the top 16 scoring slots, the top team from that particular school will receive an invitation to the state event; the other teams from that particular school will not be considered in the top 16 list of invitees. In short, this means that each school that registered teams for the regional events can only have, at maximum, one team advance to the state-level event.

  • A score penalty of 5%, of the maximum allowable score, will be deducted from the final team score for each minute past 1:00 p.m. that the packet is received. Any packets received after 1:20 p.m. of the competition day, will automatically be disqualified. 

  • Support, at both the regional and state events, from individuals that are not student members of the team is a violation of the rules. Teams that advance to the state competition will be heavily monitored for compliance of this rule, regardless if the event is held in-person or online. Any Arkansas educator that is involved in a reported or suspected violation of this rule may be reported to their district/school leadership and/or referred to the ADE Professional Licensure Standards Board for potential Arkansas Code of Ethics violations.

  • Only the three members from the invited 17 teams will be permitted to participate in the state competition; no substitutions will be allowed for the state event.

  • Regional event winners will not be announced the day of the competition; winning teams of the regional event will be announced by March 19, 2021 

  • The top three teams, in points, at the state competition will be awarded first, second, and third place respectively and will be announced the day of the state competition.

  • In the event of a tie at either a regional event or the state competition, a panel of judges will determine the winner based on time of receipt and/or the team adherence to standard coding conventions.

  • The decisions of the panel of judges are final; appeals will not be accepted or considered.


Solution Language

  • Solutions for challenges must be coded in one of the following: 

    • For Java:

      • The entire program must be submitted as a single .java file.  Any extra classes must be defined within the single file.

      • All programs must have a static main method.

    • For Python:

      • All code must be contained within a single Python file.  

      • You may only use the standard Python 3 library.  (No Numpy, Scipy, etc.)

    • For C++:

      • All code must be contained within a single file and must not include external libraries.

      • Main function must return int

      • Include any header files from the standard library as needed, don't assume they will be included by default.

  • Teams may use any development environment that is local/online to test their solutions.

  • Judges may use various IDE environments to test solutions.


State Competition Awards

These awards are for the State Competition only. Parents/guardians of team members eligible for an award must establish a 529 College Savings Plan for their child. Each team member of the 1st place team will receive a $2,000.00 award. Each team member of the 2nd place team will receive a $1,000.00 award. Each team member of the 3rd place team will receive a $500.00 award. Awards will be provided as deposits into established 529 College Savings Plans.


Where can I learn more?


For more information on the Arkansas Computer Science Initiative, visit and join the Arkansas Computer Science listserv at


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